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XI International Cello Festival

Artistic Director of the Festival is Boris Andrianov

Moscow, November 10-20

Vivacello is the only festival in our country dedicated to cello music. It was established in 2008 upon an initiative of the famous cellist Boris Andrianov with support of Iveta and Tamaz Manasherov’s cultural and charity fund U-Art: You and Art. Since then every autum Moscow has been hosting spectacular events related to the cello: concerts of chamber and symphonic music, installations, cross-overs, theatrical productions, presentations. Every year VIVACELLO festival offers the audience the opportunity to enjoy world premieres.


The festival is unique because it features the cello in completely different genres: it is performed in combination with a jazz band and guitar, orchestra and video art, or in theatrical productions. VIVACELLO fully represents the instrument’s manysidedness, which the great Mstislav Rostropoich always accentuated and proved.

Yuri Bashmet


I’m involved in this festival with all my heart and soul! It is organized by my friends and colleagues, and I hope that this music festival dedicated to the wonderful instrument, the cello, will go on living! The first festival was outstanding, the second festival was striking, and the following festivals prove the fact the the legacy of the great Rostropovich who contributed to the popularity of the instrument is still alive.

Giovanni Sollima

(cellist, Italy)

At Vivacello I performed together with fantastic artists – cellist David Geringas whom I’ve liked since I was a child, the magnificent Alexander Rudin and Boris Andrianov whom I’ve adored for a long time. I can say this is an astonishing festival! I’m so happy to perform together with such great musicians, especially here – in Russia.


Michel Lethiec

(clarinetist, France)

Most of all, I’m impressed with the level of cello performance at Vivacello. Certainly, I’m not an expert in this field, as I play the clarinet, however, I love the cello and often perform together with cellists. I am head of the Pablo Cassals Festival in France; he was a wonderful cellist who is very popular nowdays. Therefore I heard many performers, and I can say that Vivacello standards are astonishing!














Efrem Podgaits


The festival unites excellent musicians, the true ones, and I’m happy that it was Vivacello that presented the world premiere of my work “Visions”. This is an original fantasy piece written specially for Dmitry Illarionov and Boris Andrianov, who are my favourite artists. I hope that the piece will have a long life as it made a good start associated with such a wonderful festival.

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