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Vivacello V

The closing concert of the festival, that was held at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall on November 16, was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the great cellist Daniil Shafran, an outstanding representative of the Russian cello school. The concert featured world-renowned cellists: Giovanni Sollima, Alexander Rudin, Boris Andrianov, David Geringas and the unique contratenor Oleg Bezinskikh. The concert also featured the Russian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra conducted by the Italian conductor Gianluca Marciano. The artists performed works by Kancheli, Tchaikovsky, Sollima and Marten. The audience had an opportunity to hear the Amati cello, which Daniil Shafran played all his artistic career.

The fifth Vivacello festival opened at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory with a concert of the Wien Chamber Orchestra. One of the most world-renowned ensembles conducted by Stefan Vladar marked the beginning of concerts of outstanding artists, which occurred over two weeks on the best Moscow venues.


The day before the opening of the festival a press conference was held at the Conservatory, at which leading journalists gathered. The journalists interviewed founder of the U-Art: You and Art Fund Iveta Manasherova, Artistic Director of the festival Boris Andrianov and Stefan Vladar, the conductor of the Wien Chamber Orchestra performing at the opening concert.

The second concert of the festival was held at the chamber hall of the Moscow International House of Music. The audience was presented with original transcriptions of both classical works and folk compositions for guitar and cello. Despite the fact that Boris Andrianov and guitarist Dmitry Illarionov performed together for the first time, the musicians had been collaborating for more than ten years.


The concert featured the world premiere of Yefrem Podgaitz’ music piece composed specially for Vivacello. The famous composer, who heard the performance of his work for the first time, highly appreciated the artists’ play and the unique program of the concert.

The festival’s most intimate concert was held at the Tchaikovsky Cultural Center featuring the Saint Petersburg Terem Quartet and Boris Andrianov. Terem Quartet is the first ensemble of Russian folk instruments to conquer philharmonic halls. The ensemble is remarkable for its own peculiar style, a result of combining symphonic music and folk instruments. The ensemble’s original style of performance makes any genre really outstanding. The concert held on November 8 featured original adaptations of classical and jazz melodies as well as folk themes.

The concert held at the Orkestrion Concert Hall on November 9 featured the program Cello-Jazz: jazz interpretations of classical music. The highlight of the concert was the famous Oleg Lundsrem Big Band, the most long playing jazz orchestra in the world. The chamber orchestra conducted by the charming Boris Frumkin attracted every second of the audience’s attention. The soloists were the famous cellists Alexander Buzlov, Boris Andrianov, Georgy Gusev and Georgy Yufa, as well as an outstanding pianist Kseniya Bashmet.


The final work performed at the concert was Westory by a young composer Anna DRubich: a paraphrase on the themes of Leonard Bernstein’s Westside Story musical for two cellos, a piano and a jazz orchestra.

The concert of the legendary artist and composer Giovanni Sollima was held at the Great Hall of the Conservatory on November 13. The Italian musician’s program Ba-Rock Cello was dedicated to the history of cello from the first baroque compositions to rock music. The emotions transferred by Sollima make the audience completely absorbed with what is happening on the stage. The artist’s facial expression, gestures and ceaseless experiments make his play unique. The concert became the most mould-breaking performance of the 5th festival.

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