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will be held from 9 to 20 November 2021



International Festival VIVACELLO is the only Russian large-scale project devoted to cello music. It was first held in Moscow back in 2008. Its permanent art director is Boris Andrianov, a world-renowned cellist and Honored Artist of Russia who invites the best international musicians to Moscow every year.


The project is organized by cultural and charitable foundation U-Art. Its creators Iveta Manasherova and Tamaz Manasherov are well-known supporters of contemporary art no matter how diverse it is. The festival has had Unipro as the general partner since 2019.


The key idea behind VIVACELLO is a comprehensive representation of cello performance in various artistic contexts. Linking cello music to other art forms yields unique creative results. Besides traditionally philharmonic concerts, the 13th festival will also include a jazz evening and, for the first time, choreography. Lithuania’s Šeiko Dance Company will present a play titled “Boléro–Extended.”


Over the years, the Russian forum has positioned itself alongside the most famous European and U.S. cello festivals. It has earned the reputation of one of the most fascinating concert events. With constant audience and international fame, the project attracts artists of various styles.

Every year, world-class cellists become VIVACELLO headliners, and for many of them, the   festival was their first opportunity to play in Moscow. The 2021 edition will be the first one when the Russian capital will hear German cellist Alban Gerhardt. Dmitry Yablonsky will also take part in the Moscow festival for the first time.


VIVACELLO events take place at the city’s major landmark halls and chamber music venues. The former include the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Concert Hall Zaryadye, and the Moscow International Performing Arts Center. The festival has given birth to a few traditions: new music is commissioned and performed—with world and Russian premieres being a significant part of each edition,—and brilliant composers of the past are paid tribute to. Thus, VIVACELLO 2021 will open and close with premiered concertos of Samuel Strouk and Gabriel Prokofiev, respectively.


Besides, educational program VIVACELLO Academy has become an important part of the project over the last few years. It includes master classes given by distinguished cellists at the Moscow Conservatory. The 13th festival will let young musicians meet Xavier Phillips, David Geringas and Alban Gerhardt.







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The older we get the more we value such things as nature, art, and man’s creations. For many of us, music is the most valuable thing. What are we making our festival for? It is probably best to explain it with a quote from Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker:

“You mentioned the meaning... of our... life,... the unselfishness of art. Take music, for example. It’s least of all connected with reality, and even if it is, the connection is idealess, mechanical; just a hollow sound,... no associations. And yet music miraculously penetrates into the depth of our soul. What is it that resonates inside us in response to noise brought to harmony? What turns it into a source of our subtle joy—uniting us, astonishing us? What is all that for? And more importantly, who is all that for? You’ll say, for nobody and... and for nothing; it’s an unselfish thing... Not really,... I don’t think so. After all, everything has a meaning. And a reason too.”

Let everyone who comes to our concerts enjoy wonderful music and discover for themselves both the meaning of and the reason for something very important.

Greetings to all participants and guests of the 13th VIVACELLO International Festival of Cello Music! We are ever so glad to have a full-scale festival this year, considering that the previous one had to be reduced to just one concert. And we will be happy to see all Russian and international musicians invited to VIVACELLO. We will do our best to ensure all due safety measures so as not to put at risk the health of artists and listeners.

Interestingly, three cellists from other countries—Dmitry Yablonsky, Xavier Phillips, and Alban Gerhardt who has never performed in Moscow—will play cellos made by Matteo Goffriller, an outstanding Venetian luthier of the 17th and the 18th centuries. This curious coincidence will let lovers of cello music compare the sound of wonderful instruments crafted by that great master.

In an effort to make the festival program more diverse, we have added choreography for the very first time. Lithuania’s Šeiko Dance Company will perform a play set to Ravel’s Bolero. Hopefully, this will be an interesting experience for us and attract new audience to VIVACELLO. Besides, the festival program will include a jazz evening where the cello has an important role too.

Premieres of new works by contemporary composers will be the culminating points of the opening and closing events. We hope that the authors will attend the concerts and open rehearsals, as it always inspires musicians and gets the listeners interested.

See you at the concerts.

Dear friends,

Once again in November, Moscow is hosting its main cello music event, the VIVACELLO festival. The program is sure to strike a chord with lovers of classical music, as it includes Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms, Joseph Haydn, and contemporary composers. The festival unites the past and the present by subtly combining world-famous masterpieces and music written specially for the occasion. This year will be no exception, with world premieres awaiting us.

VIVACELLO gathers recognized virtuosi and true professionals. This year Moscow will see Xavier Phillips, Alban Gerhardt, David Geringas, Dmitry Yablonsky, and Julian Rachlin. We will hear Boris Andrianov, Konstantin Lifschitz, Viktoria Postnikova, and Dimitri Illarionov.

There is no doubt that VIVACELLO will become a big event once again. Lovers of this amazingly beautiful and noble instrument will be able to immerse themselves into the world of live music.

Learn more about the festival and visit the concerts. I am sure each of you will find something interesting and get the most vivid impressions.

See you at the festival.

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