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Concerts with the participation of British musicians will be part of the Year of Music of Great Britain and Russia 2019 program, which is held by the Department of Culture and Education of the British Embassy in Moscow





Moscow international house of music, Chamber hall

Venue: guitar VS cello

Joint concert of VIVACELLO festival and the VI international Alexander Frauchi festival


Dimitri Illarionov, guitar

Boris Andrianov, cello

Georgy Gusev, cello

Anna Koshkina, cello

Andreas Wisniewski, artistic expression (Germany)


Questa Musica Ensemble

Conducted by Philipp Chizhevsky


Andrey Zelensky (b. 1963)

Esmeralda, metamorphosis concerto for guitar, string orchestra,

drums, flute and two pianos (2005)


Soloist: Dimitri Illarionov


Alexey Shor (b. 1970)

Musical Pilgrimage, concerto for cello and orchestra (2018)

Moscow premiere


Soloist: Boris Andrianov


Giovanni Sollima (b. 1962)

When We Were Trees for two cellos and strings (2007)

Transcription for two cellos, guitar, reciter and strings by Georgy Gusev (2019)

World premiere


Soloists: Georgy GusevAnna Koshkina and Dimitri Illarionov

Reader - Andreas Wisniewski

Дмитрий Илларионов.jpg

The Guitarist Dmitry Illarionov and cellist Boris Andrianov have been playing together since the beginning of the century: they made records, were together nominated for Grammy, their concerts in Europe were broadcasted by, they performed in front of the G8 leaders in St. Petersburg, participated in theater productions, went to charity tours around Russia and conquered the best world concert venues. This time, using the space-time intersection of two festivals, they decided to organise a unique concert of new music with live video art.

At the beginning of the program, Dmitry Illarionov will present the Esmeralda “concert-metamorphosis” by Andrey Zelensky. There is a passage in the Doktor Faustus novel by Thomas Mann in which a father tells his son about a butterfly Hetaera Esmeralda of destructive beauty. It seems that Mann enters into a literary dialogue with Dostoevsky, who asserted that "the world will be saved by beauty" through his characters. Andrey Zelensky resolves the dispute by turning the name of the butterfly into the  Es – mi – re – do motif, which reminds of the beginning of Michel Legrand's famous song from Umbrellas of Cherbourg. The guitar of Dmitry Illarionov will be a percussion, then a chamber, and, finally, a solo instrument during the performance of this symbolic composition. A caterpillar will turn into the butterfly, which, like beauty itself, will fly away together with the music.

The night will continue with the Alexey Shor’s Musical Pilgrimage for cello and orchestra. Alexey began writing his beautiful, fresh and, it would seem, simple music only in 2012 – for his own entertainment. Once Shor’s notes caught the eye of viola player David Aaron Carpenter who decided to perform these compositions in public. Since then, Alexey Shor, a mathematician with a doctorate, has gained worldwide fame, became a resident composer at the Malta Philharmonic Academy and receives dozens of flattering reviews from famous composers, conductors, soloists. Aleksey is suspected to “calculate harmony with algebra,” and perhaps even process “spheres music”. Anyway, the Moscow public will see “a feeling of overwhelming peace and harmony” as that’s how the music of Alexey Shor was described by a composer Giya Kancheli.

The program will end with the Italian Giovanni Sollima’s When We Were Trees suite in a transcription made by George Gusev for two cellos, a guitar, strings and a reader. While working on the suite, Sollima thought of the Stradivari wandering around the Paneveggio Forest in the Dolomites searching for the most resonant wood for his instruments; about an African architect who builds houses inside trees; about leaves of Bengal ficus – banyan tree (which means "growing from top to bottom"), which at the end of the 19th century were mailed instead of postcards; about Vivaldi and his rich imagination ... An invited guest with an artistic word will be a German actor and zen buddhism guru Andreas Wisniewski, who will read specially selected poems that correspond to the content of the parts of the suite.

One of the most talented scenographers of our time Alex Choi, who will supplement the scene with generative visuals in real time, will also take part in the event. Choi has already taken part in concerts of the Frauchi and Boris Andrianov Vivarte Festivals and created unique video projections for the Dmitry Illarionov's Sati-Vision program.

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