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International Cello Festival


Artistic Director of the Festival is Boris Andrianov



Moscow, November 18-26

November 20


Friday 20-00

Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Ostozhenka, 16


The recital held at the Multimedia Art Museum will offer the opportunity to see Stephan Braun, an experimentalist with both classical and jazz music. He won the attention and recognition of the audience all over the world, however, he seldom comes to Moscow. This expressive composer and cellist performs and improvises in jazz styles using classical music themes. This recital will probably be more like a club performance than a classical concert. The chamber hall of the museum, which has simple construction but excellent acoustics, will offer the opportunity to plunge into incredible music in a relaxed way.


Stephan Braun


The musician’s career started in Hamburg, where he studied classical play on the cello at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater. Then he continued his education at the jazz department. Today Stephan is one of the founders of the Kalao Jazz trio and Deep Strings group winning the first prize of the Jazz&Blues competition jury. Stephan Braun is a well-known cellist performing at European jazz venues together with the most famous artists and ensembles.

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