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International Cello Festival


Artistic Director of the Festival is Boris Andrianov



Moscow, November 18-26

November 18


Wednesday 19-00

Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

4/31 Triumfalnaya Sq.

Timothy Park (cello, USA)

Rennosuke Fukuda (violin, Japan)

Alexey Lundin (violin)

Nikita Borisoglebsky (violin)

Boris Brovtsyn (violin)

Boris Andrianov (cello)

Narek Hakhnazaryan   (cello, Armenia)

Fyodor Amosov (cello)


Russian Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: Dmitri Jurowski


The program:

Double concertos for violin, cello and orchestra


A.Vivaldi. Concerto for Violin, Cello and Strings in B flat major

A.Vivaldi. Concerto for Two Violins, Two Cellos and Strings in D major

C. Saint-Saens. La Muse et le Poete

A. Schnittke. Cencerto Grosso

G.Kanceli. Silent Prayer


This year the festival will open with a great concert featuring double concertos for violin, cello and orchestra. The concert will start with Vivaldi’s Concerto performed by virtuoso artists Alexey Lundin (violin) and Fedor Amosov (cello). Next Camille Saint-Saens’ romantic composition La Muse et le Poete will be performed. The composer wrote this work in 1910 and called his doulble concerto for violin and cello “a dialogue of two instruments rather than a competition of two virtuosos”.


After that Alfred Schnittke’s Concerto Grosso will be performed. Concerto grosso used to be a popular genre of the period of baroque based on opposing solo instruments and the orchestra. Alfred Schnitke described this genre using the following metaphor: solo instruments are a person and his soul, and the orchestra is the person’s environment which a person is often opposed to. Schnittke’s concerto will be performed by Narek Akhnazaryan (cello) and Nikita Borisoglebsky (violin).


Boris Andrianov (cello) and Boris Brovtsyn (violin) will appear with Giya Kancheli’s amazingly soulful work Silent Prayer. The poetry of silence has always been something special for the composer. As Kancheli himself noted, there are different types of silence, however, as soon as the audience is filled with ringing silence, all other things pale into insignificance. “This kind of silence is associated with a rare phenomenon when the binding threads uniting the conductor and the audience appear and become tangible though there are not real. The sound is born in the silence,” said the composer.


All the works will be accompanied by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dmitri Jurowski. Special guests of the opening concert of the festival will be Tim Park, a world-known American cellist, and Rennosuke Fukuda, a young Japanese violinist, who won his first international competition two years ago, when he was 13.


Rennosuke Fukuda

Rennosuke Fukuda was born in 1999 in Japan. He started to play the violin as early as at the age of 3. He won his prize at a music competition when he was as young as 4. Since that time he was often welcomed to perform on TV and radio. Today he has more than one really significant international prize for his masterly play on the violin. Rennosuke spends most of his time being involved in socially important projects and performs at charity concerts all over the world.


Tim Park


Cellist Tim Park grew up in New York where he received his music education. Today he is a winner of many international competitions, prizes and grants enjoying great recognition at his concerts throughout Europe and the USA. He is called one of the most passionate performers of chamber music. Tim Park plays a 1740 Gennaro Gagliano cello.

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