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Concerts with the participation of British musicians will be part of the Year of Music of Great Britain and Russia 2019 program, which is held by the Department of Culture and Education of the British Embassy in Moscow





Outhouse "Ruin" MOIRE name

A.V. Shchusev

Master and Muses: Jebran Yacoub’s Cellos


Boris Andrianov, cello

Alexey Vasiliev, cello

Mikhail Degtyarev, cello

Nikita Zubarev, cello

Guy Johnston, cello (UK)

Anna Koshkina, cello

Alexander Ramm, cello

Dmitry Khrychev, cello

Gabriel Gebran Jakub, cello

Andrew Yacynych, cello

Irina Polivanova, soprano


The creator of string musical instruments, master, artist and jeweler Gabriel Gebran Jakub is called "The Stradivarius of Our Days." And It is not an exaggeration. His instruments were repeatedly recognized as the best ones, mostly by sound, at different violin masters competitions. Since Gebran himself is an excellent cellist, he fully understands the priority importance of timbre. That the secret of his success. It is no coincidence that the world-famous viola player Yuriy Bashmet said so about the master’s work: “You can easily confuse the sound of an old Italian instrument with the sound of instruments made by Jakub.”

Recently, Gebran moved from Cremona – the Mecca of violin masters, where he mastered his art – to Berlin, where his workshop is now located. Soloists have won largest international competitions more than once using his instruments; outstanding cellists of our time as Frans Helmerson, David Geringas, Alexander Rudin entrust their instruments to him. Natalia Gutman, Gidon Kremer, Misha Maisky, Yo-Yo Ma, Sergey Krylov, Janine Jansen, Maxim Rysanov, Julian Rakhlin, Philippe Quint, Kristof Barati, Michael Barenboim, Samuel Magad and others are to services of the master starting with expertise and consultations to various difficulty levels work. His instruments are used in the most famous ensembles and orchestras of the whole world, and the largest funds attract him as a curator of valuable instruments.

To date, Gebran Yakub has created about 50 cellos, and Muscovites have a unique opportunity to hear the voices of many of them. On November 12, well-known virtuosos from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Great Britain will gather in the Ruin outhouse to present Gebran's instruments in a unique ensemble. The musical night will be the embodiment of the master’s long-standing dream to hear the famous Brazilian Bachiana by Villa-Lobos with his cello. He will also take part in the concert.

It is curious that all the instruments that will sound this night were made according to one model. The cello of Antonio Stradivari, Gore-Booth of 1710, which once belonged to the Rothschilds has served as the model. “I played different Stradivari cello, but I liked this one the most,” the master says. ”I was given the opportunity to get the mold and size of the original model and then created several tools. The first one in 2001, the last one just recently in 2019. They all differ slightly in color and details of the decoration (this is my "visit card" as I’m the only one of all craftsmen to create all the jewelry, drawings, pegs, etc. myself), each cello has its own original name, but they all have one character."

The concert program will include Vila Lobos's Bachiana and compositions for cello ensembles of various casts. In addition, detailed stories of each instrument will be told to the listeners.

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